What We Do

We combine advances in nutritional care with innovative behavioral therapy to reverse illness and treat the underlying food addictions that lead to poor nutritional habits that cause disease

Our residential nutritional program is more effective than traditional medical care for treating most chronic diseases. It saves lives and it serves two essential purposes.

Firstly, it is effective for people who have urgent health issues, who are significantly overweight, diabetic, have heart disease or at serious risk of a future cardiac event. High blood pressure, cholesterol lowering and diabetic medications have significant risks and side effects that people want to avoid. Attending our program can resolve these issues. Gastric-bypass, coronary artery bypass and angioplasty are invasive, dangerous, emergent and stop gap procedures. Our program addresses these same issues in a safer, less costly, non-intrusive manner. These results can be life extending and long-term if our method is adhered to.

For our participants, our controlled environment enhances compliance and improves outcomes. It can reverse dietary induced medical conditions, lowering risk more effectively than anything else the medical profession can offer.

Our guests eat delicious healthy food, while losing not just weight, but their food addictions. Our team of professionals establishes and maintains a relationship with each client throughout and following their stay in order to maximize the treatment benefits.

Those who stay 2–12 weeks will start by easily losing 25–50 pounds, potentially save their lives, and they will acquire the tools to continue the benefits of the program once they return home.

Secondly, the program is for individuals who need to learn how to eat and enjoy healthy food, to maintain a healthy weight, and learn the skills to continue doing so. They enjoy their stay in “paradise”, and leave with improved health and learn the confidence to achieve the life they deserve. Some may come to just enjoy a beautiful resort, delicious food and leave feeling revitalized.

Expected results of your stay at the Health Oasis:

  • Guaranteed and dramatic weight loss
  • Reversal of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other illnesses
  • Normalize blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Reduce and even eliminate most medications
  • Headaches and chronic pain conditions will lessen and possibly disappear
  • Recovery from food addictions
  • Acquire healthy cooking skills